Plumbing Services and Repairs

Qualified Plumbers on Staff

Call our knowledgable store staff at 250-746-4534 for assistance in arranging help to solve all your plumbing needs! We specialize in home bathroom and kitchen plumbing renovations from tear out to the finished product. Our plumbers days are filled with all areas of plumbing from the smallest tap washer to a full bathroom replacement. Big job or small our plumbers will fix your problems.


Here are just a few of the jobs we are available to help you with
  • Faucet repairs and replacements
  • Toilets, basins, bathtubs, showers, sinks repairs and replacements
  • Pump repairs and replacements
  • Do you have old leaky pipes?
    We can replace them with new piping
  • Electric water heaters replaced or change a burned out element

Whatever plumbing needs you have, we are just a phone call away to help you solve your problems!

Are you wondering if the fixtures you have picked out for your new bathroom or kitchen renovation will be the correct size and style for your room? Will they fit through your doorways and around corners and into the room you are renovating? Call 250-746-4534

For fixtures you have purchased from our store, we will provide you with a no charge estimate for installation.