Hot Water Tank Replacement

Hot water tank installation starting at $995.00 *

When it comes time to have your hot water tank replaced you need a reliable tank with a quality installation. We install A.O. Smith water heaters and it is our experience that they are one of the best tanks. They are also one of the few brands still offering an 8 year warranty while most other brands only offer 6 years.

Our Hot water tank installation includes:

  • A new electric hot water tank By A.O. Smith with 8 year warranty.
  • All parts and fittings required and a drain pan if required.
  • Installation by one of our expert plumbers.
  • Disposal of the old water heater.

Do you need a thermal expansion tank?

Add one to your existing hot water tank for as low as $149.00 * A thermal expansion tank is now required on all new construction and most existing hot water tank replacements. The City of Duncan is in the process of replacing residential water meters and these new meters have built in back flow preventer that stops any water from flowing back to the street. When the water in the hot water tank heats up it expands and physically occupies more space. In the past this extra water volume would go back to the street but not that is not possible with this new back flow prevention. This can cause an increase in water pressure in your home to over 100psi and may result in the relief valve on the side of the water tank to drip. The thermal expansion tank is designed to retain this extra water expansion so you don't have any drips or increased pressure.

General Information - What is Thermal Expansion?

When water is heated, it expands. For example, water heated from 90°F to a thermostat setting of 140°F in a 40 gallon hot water heater will expand by almost one-half gallon. This is because when water is heated, its density decreases and its volume expands. Since water is not compressible, the extra volume created by expansion must go someplace. During no-flow periods in a system, pressure reducing valves, backflow preventers, and other one-way valves are closed, thus eliminating a path for expanded water to flow back to the system supply. Hence, system pressure increases.
Plumbing codes require that thermal expansion control be addressed in plumbing systems. A temperature and pressure relief valve is not considered a thermal expansion device. This is because when water is allowed to continuously drip from the T&P relief valve, minerals from the water can build up on the valve, eventually blocking it. This blockage can render the T&P valve useless and potentially lead to hot water heater tank failures.

* all installations are subject to applicable GST. Prices listed are for standard installation only. Relocating fixtures, re-piping, replacing shut off valves or other required plumbing changes may require an additional charge.