Water Treatment & Pump Systems

Water Softeners

If you have hard water you may want to consider getting a water softener to help improve your water quality. Hard water can have various effects on the quality of water and plumbing system and fixtures. There can be many common issues as a result of hard water. From bad hair days, spotty dishes, and difficulty rinsing away soap to white spots on your fixtures, shower glass and faucets. It can also contribute to additional wear and tear on appliances, laundry and plumbing systems, causing corrosion which results in excess and frequent maintenance.

The Metered Control Water Softener removes hardness in water (magnesium & Calcium) through ion exchange and it can also remove some iron/manganese. The softener pauses operation then regenerates the resin simply by washing the media with a salt brine then the brine is rinsed away and softener resumes regular operation.

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Pump Systems

We carry a full range of the Flint & Walling pumps from the Zoeller family. Quality products proudly built in North America since 1866.